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Um bom exemplo

She lost 112 pounds as the first female winner of the show. Now, she's sharing her secrets to success off the ranch.

A Biggest Loser's Stay-Slim Secrets

With the new Biggest Loser season starting this month, we checked in with the show's first female winner, Ali Vincent. She shed 112 pounds in 2008 and just penned a book, Believe It, Be It. Here are her must-haves for success off the ranch.
Kick-Butt Routine
"I don't work out eight hours a day anymore, but I still need to be pushed. Exercise classes keep me going. I might think, 'What the hell am I doing in here?' But it's too embarrassing to walk out so I stay."
Go-To Foods
"Spaghetti squash pasta with ground turkey and veggie marinara sauce. Snacks are almonds, hummus, watermelon, celery, baby carrots, and string cheese."
Get-Motivated Goal
"I always need something to strive for. Next up is the P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Half Marathon on January 17."
Active Social Life
"Time with friends used to be all about food or drinks, but now we hike, bowl, or godancing. If we meet for cocktails, we walk to the bar."
Jean-ius Reminder
"The 27-inch-waist jeans that I wore on the show's finale keep me in check. If they start to feel tight, I know I need to get back on track."
Originally published in FITNESS magazine, January 2010.

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